Automate Bid & Budget Decisions

Minimize inefficiencies, maximize control. Pick your weapon from Bubbleye’s arsenal and beat the competition. Bubbleye.AI allows you to micro-control all aspects of your spend decisions, in any fashion: via self-learning algorithms, by setting up your own custom rules, or through manual actions on its one-stop control dashboard.

Continuous, fluid adjustments

Bubbleye.AI continually monitors your spend and performance, and adjusts your advertising settings across all countries and channels, intelligently enacting your desired strategy 24/7.

Screening real time performance signals, the Kraken immediately identifies issues and opportunities with micro granularity (per publisher/geo/creative), and responds with corrective actions… in the blink of an eye.

Two Automation Flavors

Bubbleye.AI gives you the freedom to choose your preferred automation strategy:

  • Pick any of Bubbleye.AI’s proprietary budget allocation and bid adjustment algorithms, from a host of available options (e.g. performance based bidding, pacing based bidding, pareto exploration, etc.)
  • Freely setup your own Custom Rules based on spend and/or performance triggers over any custom time window, and have them applied systematically across any campaigns
  • Two execution methods

    For each of your campaigns, freely choose how you’d like your auto adjustments to be applied:

  • Direct update: sit back ad enjoy the full convenience of round-the-clock adjustments executed for you by Bubbleye.AI’s tireless machine.
  • Recommendations: for any situations where you’d like to have a manual validation, get notified and manually approve or reject the suggested course of action.
  • Minimize Waste and Maximize Efficiency
    Through Automated Pricing and Budgeting:



    It's All About The Bid

    No matter the advertising network or the campaign type, Bubbleye.AI allows you to automate any available bidding levers:

  • For campaigns that only support a base bid, have that automated based on overall campaign spend and performance
  • For campaigns running under ad networks’ own ROAS Optimizers, automate the target ROAS and bid ranges that networks require as input
  • For campaigns that support geo-level bids, automate the base bid for each specific geography, based on the spend and performance trend of that segment
  • For campaigns that support site-level (publisher-level) bidding, automate each site’s custom bid and/or blacklisting
  • For campaigns that support creative-level bidding, auto-adjust each creative or ad group’s bid price
  • Portfolio Level Efficiency

    No matter if you are given a monthly budget to consume in the most efficient way or you are free to adjust your budget based upon performance, Bubbleye.AI got you covered:

  • Group campaigns into “buckets” however you see fit, then define a high-level monthly or daily budget for the whole bucket: Bubbleye.AI will continually and gradually split the budget across all campaigns based on their performance as well as ability to spend, to maximize portfolio level efficiency
  • Alternatively, let Bubbleye.AI evaluate each campaign individually, gauging whether a daily budget increase or decrease is advisable based on that campaign’s performance and spend ability
  • Granular Bidding Controls

  • For each of the above bidding levers, easily select whether you’d like adjustments to be determined by any of Bubbleye’s in-house algorithms or by following your custom rules
  • For each lever, freely decide whether you’d like to have it automated through direct updates or through recommendations for your supervised approval (e.g. directly update site-level bids but request confirmation for target ROAS adjustments)
  • Granular Budget Controls

  • For each individual campaign, freely decide whether you’d like budget adjustments to be determined by Bubbleye’s in-house algorithms or by following your custom rules
  • For each campaign, freely decide whether you’d like its budget to be directly updated onto the relevant ad network, or submitted to your personal validation and supervised approval
  • Stop wasting any other penny

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    Hear It Straight from Our Happy Clients

    Fiona ShihUA Director @ Animoca Brands

    Bubbleye’s AI approach is in effect an infinitely scalable set of smart virtual colleagues working round-the-clock to acquire high quality users efficiently. Their reporting also makes it easy to evaluate campaign performance across a number of dimensions.

    Warren WoodwardCGO @ Upptic

    While other companies continue to sell empty promises, the Bubbleye.AI platform has already proven its value as a highly effective UA automation platform. The Bubbleye team are true pioneers in our industry.

    Martín Mérola EtcheverryTrivia Crack UA Lead @ Etermax

    The Bubbleye.AI platform has been essential for us to align goals with different partners and campaigns in a centralized way and with minimum effort. The Bubbleye team has been awesome in their support of our daily operation.

    Ygal VilshanskiyUA Lead @ Playtika

    Besides improving our productivity, Bubbleye.AI also allowed us to perform a wide variety of automated activities that we couldn't have performed manually. This is all wrapped up in a team of professional and talented individuals, who are attentive to all client needs

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