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Your One-stop Creative Center

Bubbleye.AI is your one-stop tool to discover creative fatigue, upload new ones to multiple ad networks, test them across multiple campaigns, bulk-edit assets on the fly, and analyze creative performance at any dimensionality (per campaign, per geo, per network, per asset).

Creative Automation

Say goodbye to poor conversions and cumbersome creative workflows. Say hello to dynamic and data-driven creative management driving exceptional results.

Benefits of Bubbleye’s Creative Automation

Along with bid pricing and budget allocation, Ad Creatives are the most important driver for user acquisition’s efficiency. Higher conversion

rates (CVR, IPM) mean lower acquisition costs, which enable scale and ROI. Continually testing new creatives with different audiences is

Bubbleye.AI allows you to slash the time and effort you spend on Creative Management, leveraging realtime insights and integrations to

automate it all.

Real-Time Video Editing

Edit videos on the fly with our Creative Automation service. Seamlessly make adjustments, add overlays or captions, convert from landscape to portrait or vice versa, re-order scenes, either for a specific video or in bulks!

Automated Creative Cycling / Rotation

Say goodbye to manual creative testing and rotation. With Bubbleye.AI’s Creative Automation, your campaigns will automatically cycle through your preferred queue of creatives, across any number of networks.

Proactive Alerts

Keep your creatives in check with Bubbleye.AI’s automated alerts. Get notified whenever a creative shows signs of fatigue or proves enough traction to be rolled out on a larger number of campaigns. Respond with a single click to increase or decrease the use of a creative across your campaigns.

Asset-Level Analytics

Our image recognition AI gives you valuable insights into the performance of any specific creative assets. Identify which image or video concepts resonate most with your audience, regardless of differences in naming, resolution or aspect ratio; measure engagement and make data-driven decisions to optimize your creative strategy.

Multi-Channel Asset Distribution

Easily distribute creative assets across multiple channels with just a few clicks. Bubbleye.AI’s Creative Automation technology streamlines the process, saving you time and effort by uploading image/video/playable assets to any channel, and combining them into “creative packs” through its unified control interface.

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Hear It Straight from Our Happy Clients

Fiona ShihUA Director @ Animoca Brands

Kraken’s AI approach is in effect an infinitely scalable set of smart virtual colleagues working round-the-clock to acquire high quality users efficiently. Their reporting also makes it easy to evaluate campaign performance across a number of dimensions.

Warren WoodwardCGO @ Upptic

While other companies continue to sell empty promises, The Kraken has already proven its value as a highly effective UA automation platform. The Bubbleye team are true pioneers in our industry.

Martín Mérola EtcheverryTrivia Crack UA Lead @ etermax

Bubbleye's Kraken has been essential for us to align goals with different partners and campaigns in a centralized way and with minimum effort. The Bubbleye team has been awesome in their support of our daily operation.

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