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In this edition of Bubbleye Insights, we spotlight a crucial shift in mobile gaming: a notable dip in in-app purchase spending.

Mistplay’s latest report unveils that a third of mobile gamers are tightening their belts, with high-value players leading the trend, signaling a seismic shift for user acquisition strategies in 2024.

This shift is a wake-up call for the industry to innovate and realign with emerging player expectations. As spending habits evolve, the pressure is on for developers to enhance engagement without relying heavily on direct monetization tactics.

Stay tuned as we also peel back the curtain on the future of AI with a sneak peek at OpenAI’s anticipated GPT-5!

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32% of mobile gamers plan to spend less on in-app purchases in 2024


Mistplay’s 2024 Mobile Gaming Spender Report reveals that 32% of mobile gamers plan to reduce their in-app purchases this year. This trend is even more pronounced among high-value spenders, with 41% planning to cut back, reflecting a shift towards more budget-conscious gaming habits.

The industry faces new challenges as player spending patterns change, with implications for game publishers who must now compete for a shrinking pool of discretionary spending. The report provides insights that can help publishers strategically navigate these changes, emphasizing the importance of diversifying user acquisition and enhancing product-market fit.

As the competition for in-app purchase dollars becomes fiercer, the ability to foster long-term player loyalty will be crucial. Publishers will need to adopt strategies that not only attract but also retain players by offering more value and engaging experiences.

Ultimately, the success of mobile game publishers will hinge on their ability to understand and adapt to these changing consumer behaviors. By leveraging data-driven insights from reports like Mistplay’s, publishers can better position themselves to thrive in a more selective and competitive market.

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Product-Retention Strategies for Big Wins


Turkish Gaming Sector Fuels New VC Growth

Laton Ventures has initiated a $35 million fund focused on burgeoning Turkish mobile gaming startups. Aiming to act as a bridge between Turkey’s dynamic gaming scene and global markets, Laton targets early-stage investments. The fund distinguishes itself with a strategy deeply rooted in operational support and a strong network of experienced industry advisers.

Benjamin App Secures $5.5M for Cash Rewards Expansion

Benjamin Capital Partners has raised $5.5 million in seed funding to expand its Benjamin app, a burgeoning force in the FinTech cash rewards market. With 300,000 installs and plans for aggressive growth, the app rewards users for everyday activities, challenging established players with its innovative approach to consumer engagement.

2024 Singular ROI Index: Mobile Marketing Insights

The 2024 Singular ROI Index reveals key trends in mobile advertising, highlighting the top-performing ad networks and the shift towards Unified Measurement. It provides essential benchmarks and insights, helping marketers optimize spend and navigate the evolving landscape amidst privacy changes and technological advancements.

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Samsung Gaming Hub Beta Launches on Mobile

Samsung has initiated the beta launch of its Samsung Gaming Hub on mobile platforms, expanding from Smart TVs to iOS and Android devices. This move is part of Samsung’s broader strategy to streamline mobile gaming by utilizing cloud technology and improving distribution channels.

AI: OpenAI is Rumored to be Dropping GPT-5 Soon

OpenAI’s rumored GPT-5 is sparking major buzz, potentially launching soon. Following Meta’s advances, this next-gen AI could debut around CEO Sam Altman’s birthday, anticipated to surpass previous models significantly. GPT-5 may introduce enhanced multimodal capabilities, supporting various data inputs, which could redefine AI interactions profoundly.

Mobile Game Monetization Beyond App Stores Expands

At the Game Developers Conference, Xsolla’s representatives discussed the shift in mobile game monetization due to changing market dynamics and antitrust laws like the EU’s Digital Markets Act. Xsolla’s innovations, including a new web shop and diverse payment methods, help developers directly engage and monetize their audience, optimizing growth amidst rising development and user acquisition costs.

TikTok Reports EU User and Moderation Staff Numbers

TikTok has disclosed its EU user and moderation details in compliance with the EU’s Digital Services Act. The platform removed nearly 13 million content pieces last quarter and banned over 3 million accounts, reflecting strict content policies. Currently, TikTok has 142 million users in the EU, highlighting its growing popularity in the region.


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