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This month, we’re zooming in on:

🔥 Google’s Gemini AI Model: A formidable challenger to OpenAI’s GPT-4, setting new benchmarks in the AI realm.

🍏 Apple’s MLX Framework: A significant advancement in machine learning for Apple Silicon, enhancing model training and deployment.

🚨 Epic vs. Google Ruling: Jury declares Google’s app store monopoly illegal, a landmark decision influencing Android app market dynamics.

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Google launches Gemini, the AI model it hopes will take down GPT-4

Prepare to witness a titanic clash in the AI realm: Google has unveiled Gemini, its answer to OpenAI’s GPT-4. 🥊

Rooted deeply in Google’s AI-first philosophy, Gemini is more than a large language model – it’s a multifaceted AI giant set to redefine tech interaction.

Gemini spans across devices and services. From Gemini Nano, optimizing Android devices, to Gemini Pro, powering Google’s AI services, each variant showcases Google’s innovation prowess.

And there’s Gemini Ultra, a powerhouse for data centers, coming soon.

What’s the buzz? Google claims Gemini outperforms GPT-4 in 30 of 32 benchmarks. 🤯

This isn’t just an incremental step. It’s Google’s grand leap into a future shaped by advanced AI. Eager to learn more about this? Click on the button below.

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Apple launches MLX ML framework for Apple Silicon

Apple unveils MLX, a new machine learning framework designed specifically for Apple Silicon, aimed at improving the training and deployment of ML models. This development marks a significant stride in Apple’s machine learning capabilities, offering enhanced efficiency and innovation for Apple hardware users and developers.

Jury rules against Google in App Store monopoly case

A jury found Google guilty of an illegal monopoly in its app store, agreeing with Epic Games’ accusations of anticompetitive practices. The verdict could significantly impact Android’s app distribution, with specific court remedies pending. This case contrasts with Epic’s previous suit against Apple.

Apple’s SDK list exclusion: Unpacking the MMP mystery

Apple’s recent SDK list for Privacy Manifest files notably excludes Mobile Marketing Partners. This move may indicate upcoming separate lists for privacy-impacting SDKs, new restrictions to hinder fingerprinting practices, or Apple’s stance on IP-based fingerprinting as a lesser privacy concern. Dive deeper in the full article linked below.

John Wright unveils key strategies for UA in 2023

John Wright from Kwalee provides a deep dive into user acquisition’s evolution in 2023, focusing on ad creatives and current challenges. Offering valuable tips for developers, this insight is pivotal for adapting and succeeding in today’s rapidly changing mobile gaming landscape.

Branch announces 2023 Mobile Growth Awards winners

Branch honors the 2023 Mobile Growth Award winners, showcasing leaders in mobile industry growth and innovation. Recognized for their exceptional strategies in user acquisition, engagement, and conversion, these winners exemplify the critical role of mobile technology in enhancing business growth and customer experiences.

AppsFlyer ends the year with another acquisition

Marking its second acquisition in the past year and a notable moment in its history, AppsFlyer has strategically acquired oolo. This AI-powered platform specializes in user acquisition and ad revenue analysis. The integration of oolo’s technology into AppsFlyer’s solutions not only enhances their real-time data analysis capabilities but also further cements AppsFlyer’s leading position in the industry.


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Fiona ShihUA Director @ Animoca Brands

Bubbleye’s AI approach is in effect an infinitely scalable set of smart virtual colleagues working round-the-clock to acquire high quality users efficiently. Their reporting also makes it easy to evaluate campaign performance across a number of dimensions.

Ygal VilshanskiyUA Lead @ Playtika

Besides improving our productivity, Bubbleye.AI also allowed us to perform a wide variety of automated activities that we couldn't have performed manually. This is all wrapped up in a team of professional and talented individuals, who are attentive to all client needs

Martín Mérola EtcheverryTrivia Crack UA Lead @ Etermax

The Bubbleye.AI platform has been essential for us to align goals with different partners and campaigns in a centralized way and with minimum effort. The Bubbleye team has been awesome in their support of our daily operation.

Warren WoodwardCGO @ Upptic

While other companies continue to sell empty promises, the Bubbleye.AI platform has already proven its value as a highly effective UA automation platform. The Bubbleye team are true pioneers in our industry.