Automation For Mobile App Publishers, Performance Indicators for Optimization, LTV Prediction & Arthur’s Holy Grail for User Acquisition


The first edition of our Bubbles of Wisdom Series is with Arthur Chin, UA Lead at Snowprint Studios. Arthur is currently responsible for user acquisition strategy for titles including Rivengard & Legend of Solgard. If you would like to know more about Arthur, please visit his UA Wavemaker profile page. 

Over the next week, we will be releasing 12 videos of Arthur’s expert insights, you will also be able to listen to the interview in full via podcast here.

Part 1 will explore insights within the use of Automation, Predictive Modelling, and LTV within Mobile Marketing. Automation is a buzzword for many industries and is deeply transforming mobile marketing through a wide range of emerging technologies. Arthur will explore how tech is to become a key component of a UA Managers’ Toolkit and how this can be used beneficially in various scenarios right now and in the near future. 

With a range of performance KPIs being utilized within UA, we explore the combination of CPI, CPM, ROAS, Retention, IPM, and others to monitor & optimize upon. Leading onto creating an LTV curve that can be used as a guide of user value starting from early in-app events. The final part of this edition of Bubbles of Wisdom will see Arthur revealing his Holy Grail for UA teams & managers…

Automation for a Mobile App Publisher

Automation offers a great deal of scalability when looking at small optimization efforts to campaigns that can save your team a vast amount of time away from repetitive tasks. However, this requires a great deal of research and resources to build in-house but there are market solutions available. It is important to select the right technology partner and have your team buy into the process of implementing, adjusting, and championing this software & artificial intelligence to ensure it is bespoke and perfectly aligned to your ways of working, optimization strategy & overall goals. 


Performance Indicators to Optimize Upon

Looking at ROAS over various time periods gives you an insight into what UA activities are working in various target markets. CPI is important to track & gives you the opportunity to understand the market and optimize to achieve a better overall revenue performance. You should also guarantee you track where valuable users are obtained from and seek to evolve this practice to maximize the opportunity of identifying ‘big fish’ early and optimize attraction of more.


Predicting LTV & Reliability vs other metrics

Historical data can be used to give a good LTV, however, if you don’t have this it can be good to have a proxy (such as a game in a similar genre) or to make rough estimates based on other games within the genre. You can build up data in a soft launch to see if you can plot estimated indications of a valuable user to revisit the indicators throughout your campaign. This will give an idea of what is working & what aspects require improvement within your marketing activities. 

Optimizing on your initial cohorts gives a great base foundation & opens the funnel for users to reach the later stages of your LTV prediction curve, those who are deemed to not be reaching the desired levels give the opportunity to revisit your marketing strategy & make adjustments to achieve the desired results. LTV should be a working document that is constantly fed with data & re-aligned if necessary. 


Arthur’s Holy Grail for User Acquisition

Stick to the core principles, be comfortable with data & analytics to be able to ask the right questions and form hypotheses to reach the desired result. Learn from the data & encourage your team to do the same. Cross-departmental communication & culture is of huge benefit to the organization to propel the company and mobile marketing forward. 

Ongoing review & optimization throughout all activities associated with UA & development will enhance the data-driven mindset and ensure all are on the same page in achieving the mission of your application. 


Bubbles of Wisdom is Bubbleye‘s audio and video series aimed to extract unique insights from outstanding UA Wavemakers around the globe – likeminded professionals that contribute to evolving User Acquisition armed with unique expertise and outside-the-box thinking.

Stay tuned for a stream of thought provoking questions and new perspectives into the world of mobile marketing and user acquisition.

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